Who are the brains behind your next essay? See how our recruiters use their X-ray sight to find the brightest candidates.

of Language
and Knowledge


How It Helps

Our formula for effective essays has many ingredients, but grammar mistakes and poor vocabulary are not one of them.

How We Test It

Each applicant has to pass a series of tests to prove their command of the language is up to par, including grammar, word choice, and punctuation.

Adroit Debaters

How It Helps

If you're aiming for higher marks, your essay needs to be coherent, with foolproof logic behind every sentence. Our writers know how to build an effective argument that hits home.

How We Test It

A quick phone interview can reveal many things. Among them is the candidate's ability to answer tricky questions and think on the spot.

Creative Geniuses

How It Helps

Your teacher or professor reads hundreds of essays every day. What they desperately want is a fresh take on the topic. And that's exactly what you'll give them.

How We Test It

There's only one way to truly test the candidate's creative power. We give them a trial assignment and expect to be impressed – or else.

Walking Encyclopedias

How It Helps

Regardless of what you're writing about, extensive knowledge of the subject-matter is a must. Show your teacher who's the real expert here.

How We Test It

The selection process starts with a basic resume review. A master's degree – or higher – is the first of the many conditions a candidate must meet if they are to join us.

Not Just Older
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    Wow! Is this really you? Yes, you, the awesome one. Anyhow, nice to see you here.

  • 2018

    Finally we relaunch the website, putting the old design to rest. Well, better late than never. Right?

  • 2015

    Katy Perry's Left Shark instantly becomes a meme. We install a second coffee machine in the support team's room. Their life will never be the same.

  • 2012

    The apocalypse is a no-go, but at least the humanity gets to experience “Gangnam Style”. Not sure it's that big of an improvement? Neither are we.

  • 2011

    We get our 10,000th client. Prince William gets married. Guess you could call it a draw.

  • 2008

    Usain Bolt sets his world record. We set our own, with 500 writers already on the team.

  • 2007

    Harry ends Voldy. In the meantime, we officially add the last of the 50 US states to our client list, with an MBA thesis on internal audit.

  • 2006

    Goodbye, Pluto the planet. We'd never make dwarf jokes about you – that's just low.

  • 2004

    Facebook is launched.

  • 2001

    Wikipedia is launched.

  • 2000

    We’re up! The only question: how did all the students survive schoolwork before?