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The first thing that needs to be done when writing an architecture research paper is to actually choose the topic. Your topic should be specific, interesting, and most importantly, it should be able to be answered through research and analysis. Once you have your topic chosen, the research needs to be done on your question. To do this you will need to study the topic yourself, but you will also need to read and include the studies and research of other people in the field. Studying your predecessors will help to focus your research and lay a solid foundation for your own arguments and analysis.

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Once the research portion is completed you will need to analyze the data you have collected and develop it into a comprehensive paper which includes a well-developed thesis. At this point you are finally ready to begin to organize and write your paper. Your paper should be outlined in such a way that your arguments are logical and pertain to your thesis. Developing an outline is a great way to re-arrange your ideas in such a way that they flow seamlessly one into the other. By following a logical pattern you will have a complete and strong architecture research paper.

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