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Can DBQ Essay Writing Ever be Mastered?

A DBQ, or Document Based Question, essay is a very common form of assignment, generally given in History departments and fields such as Archaeology, though it can also be given across many other subjects as well. The student will be given a specific document or documents, asked to analyze the information that they can understand from it, which may include both the writing and sometimes its physical features too. This is usually preceded by a prompt, which gives information about the historical context the document is set in, as well as outlining the “task” which is being set for them.

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The purpose of the DBQ essay is to identify how well a student is able to internalize given historical accounts and subsequently place that in the framework of their pre-existing knowledge of the time. That might all sound quite straightforward but in reality it is often far from the case. The reasons for this can vary, many DBQ essay writers get flustered if the document in question seems very disjointed or out of place from things they have already studied. For example, one might find it difficult to spot the link between a document from Gutenberg’s first press and the Reformation of Martin Luther. The DBQ essay can also cause problems for students who might not fully follow the task or what they are supposed to do with the information gleaned from the document.

Some of the different kinds of documents used for assignments:

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