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Negative Effects of Terrorism Essay Example

Terrorism is an aggressive operation in which an individual or individuals generate trepidation amongst individuals with the purpose of receiving an obligatory claim. The action is extremely sadistic and is conscientious for the deaths of countless citizens. In addition, the act has numerous unconstructive effects to the community. This paper discuses terrorism and its downbeat effects in the modern day society.

The effects of intimidation in the social arrangement are miscellaneous and depressing. They include, panic, hostilities, misery, economic problems and death. In many countries, the act of terrorism has rendered many citizens unfortunate. This is because when the act of terrorism occurs there are scores of people who misplace properties. This is because whilst an avant-garde bombs him or herself countless properties are damaged. The properties misplaced generate numerous financial difficulties in the society and primarily an individual who is affected.

The violent act also causes a lot of panic since people cannot associate straightforwardly with others owing to apprehension. This in return is causing many problems since individuals prefer to stay away from others hence deadening the economic activity in their respective countries. The violent act also generates many miseries in the affected people. This is due to the lives lost in the affected families and the fear created in them which results to economic tribulations. The ultimate and most overwhelming part of the act is the number of lives that are lost. Many citizens pass away per annum from this type of violent behavior.

In conclusion, the act of terrorism is harmful. Even though it is being widely practiced in the world, it is causing a lot of destruction and therefore appropriate measures should be taken to discontinue it. The killing of terrorist masterminds in the world is also creating good quality surroundings in which people can labor and correlate freely with others.