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What Is a Thesis Statement in an Essay?

Every good essay begins with a very strong thesis statement. If your professor has asked you to write an essay for high school or college level work, there is a good chance that you have been told how important it is to have a solid thesis. But before you can do that, you need to really understand the role of the thesis statement in an essay and what it is.

What Is a Thesis Statement and Where Is It Located?

The thesis statement in an essay is, at its most basic, a one to two sentence statement that presents the topic of your essay and makes your main idea clear. A concise, strong thesis statement is the hallmark of a well written essay and can really help make your paper easier to read and understand for both your professor and your readers. The thesis statement is typically found in the beginning of an essay and will clearly state what the text that follows is about and what point it serves to make or prove.

What Does a Thesis Statement Do?

When you are new to essay writing, it is important to understand what the role of your thesis statement should be. Ideally, a thesis statement will ensure that your readers completely understand the focus or main point of your paper. It should outline the structure of your paper, and it should serve to lay the groundwork for the arguments you intend to present as well as a brief summary of your point or your thoughts on the overall topic. The idea is to work to create a paper around your thesis statement, although review of your paper after you have finished it can help you tailor your thesis to support the material if needed.

Does My Thesis Statement Really Matter?

If you have worked hard to complete your research and to come up with a compelling essay, you might think that the thesis statement is not an important part of your essay writing. In truth, however, the thesis statement in an essay is the very backbone of the paper. Your thesis should be strong, well developed, and directly to the point. When a professor reads your statement and finds that it is followed by thorough research and interpretation of the information, it can show a much deeper understanding of the material while ensuring that readers know from the onset what your aim has been in writing the paper.