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Writing the Best Illustrative Essay -With Examples

Illustrative essays use real life examples to illustrate or demonstrate an idea. Also called an expository essay, it explains a concept, idea or situation in a clear, easy to understand way. A good example is compassion. By giving examples of times when compassion was shown, an elusive idea is made clear and understandable.

Writing an Illustrative Essay Thesis Statement

The thesis statement appears in the introduction and states the idea that you are writing about. It sets the topic for the entire manuscript. Illustrative essay topics can be difficult to conceive, but you will find many ideas online. For example, if you are writing about how music affects our moods, you might state that “the music we choose to listen to can change our moods.” This is an abstract idea that requires examples to illustrate it. If at any time you feel that you need help, contact us. Our custom illustrative essay help service is available 24 hours a day.

Choosing Examples for the Body. For this illustrative paper on music, we would choose three to five examples that show how music can change your mood. Depending on the assignment, you might use examples from your own life or do research to find good examples in literature. Choose examples that show a range of emotions or moods. Happy music lifts your mood, depressing music puts you in a funk, love songs make you feel romantic. Make sure your examples directly relate to the topic statement and support it. Try to stay on topic without rambling. Write one paragraph about each example, and show how it relates to your thesis. If you are having problems finding examples or organizing the paragraphs, remember that you can hire experts for illustrative essays. Our services are reliable and affordable.

Conclusion. If you have chosen your examples well, your conclusion will naturally sum up your argument and state your conclusion. Good examples have already shown that your thesis is valid, so you just need a brief summary. Rephrase the information to avoid repeating yourself. You do not need to add new information in the conclusion.

Tips for Writing a Better Essay

In addition to the structure and content, there are other factors that affect your grade. Follow these tips to do your best.

  • Write for the intended audience, your teacher in this case.
  • Choose examples that the audience can relate to.
  • Make your point in a firm, but friendly way.
  • Check for spelling and grammar errors.
  • Make sure your paper is unique and plagiarism free.

Where to Find Help

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