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Ways To Avoid The Common Pitfals Of The Informal Essay

Writing an informal essay is something which, on the face of it, appears relatively easy in comparison to other academic writing. When writing a more formal piece, you may be required to have a rigid structure, clearly express the purpose of the writing and answer any questions that have been asked of you. Informal writing, on the other hand, by its nature is more relaxed and should be a more enjoyable experience. However, at 123CustomEssay.com, we know that writers can fall into common pitfalls with this type of writing and that’s why many people use our writing help service. Our team know how to fulfill the requirement of informal writing, without falling into any of the below traps:

The Key To Great Informal Essay Writing

We have writers on our team who are experts when it comes to informal writing. When providing assistance to our clients, they keep the following in mind at all times:

  • Informal not sloppy – with writing of this kind, it is absolutely fine to be a little less rigid in structure, compared to formal writing. That said, your writing should still have some form of structure. Ideas should flow logically and everything should be well written. A bit of structure makes it an enjoyable and easy read.
  • Include opinions – sometimes people think informal means that they cannot express an opinion. It’s absolutely fine to include opinions in an informal piece; in fact, this style of writing tends to be quite subjective by nature. The very fact that you’re writing it means it’s likely to be a subject that you have an opinion on, so feel free to express it.
  • Conversational & Personal – an informal paper should tend to be an enjoyable read and display some of the writer’s personality in the work. Again though here, it’s important not to confuse conversational with sloppy.

How To Find Great Informal Essay Writers

When you look online, it may seem that there are an overwhelming amount of companies giving you the opportunity to buy cheap informal essay help. It’s important to ensure you’re going to get great service. At 123CustomEssay.com, we only hire native-English speaking writers who are experts in their field. Also, we only write individual essays for specific customer orders. We don’t provide any bulk essays to the market and you can be sure that your paper will never end up anywhere other than your hands.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

Our commitment is that if you’re not absolutely happy with the service we provide for you, we’ll refund 100% of your money. So clearly it is in our interests to do everything within our power to guarantee your happiness; and we do! We let you handpick the writer you think you’ll work best with, you can talk to them throughout the writing process, our customer service team are at your beck and call 24/7 and we’ll send you email alerts so you know what stage your order is at. To talk about the informal essay examples we’ve completed previously, get in touch today.